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Sponda promotes its customers’ success by providing attractive and tailored business environments. In order to fulfil their wishes even more effectively than before, Sponda surveyed its customers’ views on the future of working life. How and where will we work in 2030?


In the future, working life will be increasingly diverse. A functional working environment provides room for both collaborative idea generation and peaceful contemplation. Will people also spend their free time at workplaces in 2030? Or will we take the office with us everywhere we go?

How will the business premises of the future differ from those of today?


of the respondents believe that the number of open plan offices, and their openness, will increase


of the respondents expect mobility to increase and the office to become a base of operations


of the respondents believe that the amount of different space alternatives in offices will increase


of the respondents expect mobile workstations to become commonplace


of the respondents believe there will be more external people working in the same premises


consider it likely that work will increasingly be performed in networks, the members of which represent different companies and even different industries.

In my mind, the offices of the future are open, colourful and comfortable environments. They are also easy on the eye, meaning that design will play a significant role.

The office space could be an entirely open hall with many movable cellular elements.

My vision is an office that is similar in many ways to an office business center. It has workstations for people to stop and work on a computer.


How will trends affect the working environments of the future?

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Work is increasingly performed outside the office, which gives the workplace greater significance as a comfortable and social meeting place. Will offices become experience-oriented entertainment centres?

Offices will be designed to be comfortable and experience-oriented environments where people want to come and work:


consider it likely that design will focus increasingly on making the workspace experience-oriented


consider it likely that decisions on business premises will increasingly emphasise the comfort of the workspace


consider it likely that the office of the future needs more room for collaboration

What I see happening is the home and the office becoming combined in a way. You could take a break to sleep or spend time with friends.

People sit in their ergonomically designed chairs. The environment is comfortable, the lighting is appropriate and music drowns out noise.

The workplace will be a meeting place. You come there to meet with colleagues and hold meetings.


New perspectives and wild ideas from students in Spatial Design at Aalto University.

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What do you think?

Employees will have more say in the design of their workspace

> With you agree
of the people who answered Spondas gallup.

Business premises will more effectively support productivity

> With you agree
of the people who answered Spondas gallup.

In the future, employers will focus more on the added value business premises provide for operations than the rent per square metre

> With you agree
of the people who answered Spondas gallup.

The energy efficiency of business premises will take on an increasingly important role. Will each employee’s individual energy consumption be monitored in the future? How will technological development affect work?

Changes in energy efficiency and eco-efficiency by 2030

How likely do you consider the following changes with respect to office premises by 2030? (n=50,%)

  • Very likely
  • Quite likely
  • Quite unlikely
  • Very unlikely

The eco-efficiency of business premises will become an increasingly important advantage in recruitment


The building’s energy efficiency is a deciding factor in the choice of office premises


Offices will become self-sufficient, for example in terms of energy generation


The individual energy consumption of employees will be monitored, with rewards for low consumption

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are important considerations in the choice of business premises.

Technological development will make remote work easier. It is likely that in the future there will be a single device that can be used to access all devices needed for work.

Wireless solutions will become routine as technology develops, and 3D printing will also become reality.


Green walls and solar panels – the ecological offices of the future

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