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Environmental responsibility

The real estate sector plays a key role in fighting climate change and promoting the wellbeing of the environment. Environmental expertise is one of Sponda’s strategic priorities. The sustainability reporting integrated in the company’s annual report is implemented according to the GRI C level.

The company’s environmental responsibility objectives for 2014 are related to, amongst other things, reducing energy consumption in Sponda’s own office and across the company’s entire property portfolio, increasing the proportion of recoverable waste, implementing energy efficiency initiatives agreed upon with customers in conjunction with environmental partnerships and engaging in research and development related to reducing energy consumption.

Sponda and other climate partners have signed a climate covenant. As part of the Climate Partners network, a joint initiative of the Confederation of Finnish Industries and the City of Helsinki, the participating companies sign climate covenants identifying the measures they will take to control climate change in their own operations.

Sponda Plc’s covenants are:

  • The comparable total energy consumption of Sponda’s properties will be reduced by 10% by 2016.
  • The recycling rate in Sponda’s properties will be increased to over 70% by 2014.

The energy consumption of the properties included in Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme has decreased in line with previously set targets. At the same time, a growing percentage of the waste generated at the properties is being recovered. The target of the Energy efficiency programme, which is to decrease the energy consumption of Sponda’s properties in Finland by 10% by 2016, has already been achieved. The Energy efficiency programme involves monitoring electricity, heating, water and district cooling consumption.

Sponda’s head office has been part of the WWF Green Office network since 2010. The Green Office label was renewed for a new three-year period in an office inspection conducted by WWF in 2013. As a WWF partner, Sponda also encourages its customers to join the Green Office network. Sponda’s customers receive a discount on WWF Green Office membership and annual fees. Sponda also assists its customers with the Green Office application process and annual reporting.

The 2014 objectives related to environmental responsibility are described in the Spondability section under Improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.