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Operative risks

Property purchases and sales

Sponda is an active buyer and seller of properties. The risks related to these transactions are managed by implementing a diligent and exhaustive purchasing and selling process. No significant risks related to purchases and sales materialised in 2013.

Loss of competence and key personnel

Sponda’s competitiveness is largely based on the company’s skilled personnel and their professional expertise. In order to operate profitably, it is important for Sponda to invest in both its existing personnel – for example by training – as well as the recruitment of new competent personnel.

No significant risks related to competence and key personnel materialised in 2013.

Data security and information systems

Sponda must ensure that its information system solutions are based on business needs, and that data security risks do not materialise. No significant data security and information systems materialised in 2013.

Legal risks

Legal risks refer to Sponda not achieving the desired outcome in legal proceedings. No significant legal risks materialised in 2013.