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Sponda's vision and strengths


Sponda is a leading property investment company that owns, leases and develops office and shopping centre properties in the largest cities in Finland. Sponda develops business environments that promote the business success of customers.


Sponda’s vision is to be the first choice for customers looking for business premises. In accordance with this vision, Sponda creates added value for its customers by offering business premises solutions that take into account the customers’ individual needs, operating culture and the nature of their work.


The most important values for Sponda are innovation, professionalism and reliability. We live these values every day. They guide our conduct towards our customers and each other.

Sponda's key strengths

Property portfolio focused on the best locations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area


Sponda's property portfolio includes some of the highest quality and best known properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, particularly in the central business district and Ruoholahti in Helsinki. 

Diversified property portfolio that offers customers a wide choice of premises


Sponda's property portfolio includes a wide range of office and shopping centre properties. Thanks to its extensive business premises offering, Sponda is able to offer its clients alternative premises also when their space requirements change.

Diverse, high-quality tenant base and balanced lease portfolio


Sponda's largest clients include major retail stores, the finance industry and the public sector. The company has a diversified tenant base, which reduces the risks related to individual customer segments or tenants.

Leading property development operations


Sponda owns a considerable amount of land and numerous potential property development sites. In 2013 the company signed an agreement of a large development project and commenced a project to modernize an office building. As market conditions improve and demand grows, the company has the flexibility to launch new property development projects.

Experienced, committed management and personnel


The members of Sponda's Executive Board have long-term operational experience with the company and in the real estate business. In addition, Sponda's personnel have strong expertise and extensive experience of the property markets, which enables Sponda to offer its clients competitive solutions and services.

Responsible business operations


Responsibility is an integral part of Sponda's day-to-day operations and business expertise, supporting the company's profitability and long-term viability. The company's operations are planned and assessed from the perspectives of responsibility.