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Strategic operations in 2014

The Finnish economy is expected to grow at a slow rate in 2014. Based on this forecast and the information on lease agreements available at the beginning of 2014, Sponda expects the economic occupancy rate of the Group’s properties to remain at the same level as in 2013.

Sponda’s focal areas for growth in 2014 are office properties, shopping centres and property development operations in these segments. Sponda is confident that placing the focus of its property portfolio on prime locations will reduce the property portfolio risk. Sponda’s geographical focus will be on the Helsinki metropolitan area, particularly the central business district and Ruoholahti, as well as Tampere.

Each year, Sponda determines its operational focal points, which are emphasised in the company’s short-term operations. The focal areas are determined as part of the company’s strategy process.

Sponda’s operational focal points for 2014:

  • Maintaining occupancy rates at the levels of year end 2013.
  • Continuing the sale of individual properties and portfolios. The capital obtained will be invested in prime properties in Helsinki and Tampere.
  • Maintaining a stable dividend payout capacity.
  • Starting more property development projects in 2014.

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