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Enhancing the customer experience

Sponda aims to develop interactive long-term partnerships with its customers. Sponda’s expertise allows it to offer customers business premises that are precisely tailored to their needs.

The key aspects of the priority are:

  • Identifying customer needs and responding to them
  • Taking a more proactive approach to customer relationships
  • Creating the conditions for long-term partnerships

Why is this a priority?

In the property sector, customer relationships are typically long term: the process of finding the right business premises takes time, and leases are signed for periods of several years. In customer relationships, Sponda’s goal is to achieve a long-term interactive partnership rather than a unilateral lessor-tenant relationship. This allows the customer to receive the maximum benefit from the expertise of Sponda’s personnel and its comprehensive portfolio of business premises.

At the end of 2013, Sponda had a total of 1,984 customers and 3,037 lease agreements. The largest client sectors were the public sector, retail and banking.

Enhancing the customer experience in Sponda

The key building blocks of the customer experience are functional and high-quality business premises as well as skilled personnel who understand customers’ needs. Customers expect the lessor to have comprehensive and in-depth expertise in both the industry in general and the property being leased. Good customer service provided via multiple channels is also essential.

The customer experience often begins even before the actual customer relationship is established. With this in mind, Sponda’s aim is to be easily approachable via a variety of channels. The customer experience does not end when the right business premises are found. Instead, it develops and strengthens throughout the customer relationship. Sponda’s process supporting the development of the customer experience is aimed at identifying the best ways of working from the customer’s perspective.

During the lessor-tenant relationship, the emphasis is on property services, the continuous development of the customer relationship, and maintaining active contact with the customer. The aim of customer service operations is to allow the customer to focus on their own business while Sponda handles all property-related services in cooperation with its property management partners.

Customers value Sponda’s professional competence

Sponda regularly surveys customer satisfaction through the different stages of the customer relationship. In addition to carrying out in-house surveys, Sponda participates in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by KTI Property Information Ltd. The KTI survey is an annual benchmark study involving a large number of industry participants. In 2013, a total of 511 Sponda customers participated in the benchmark study.  Their responses identified Sponda’s strengths as professional competence, expertise and image as a lessor. Sponda will use the results of the study to further develop its ability to identify customer needs and improve the effectiveness of customer service.

Sponda will engage in further discussions on the issues highlighted in the study in customer meetings and strive to improve its operations based on the survey results.

Sponda's customers by sector 2013

Sector % rental income
Professional, scientific and technical activities 6.5
Energy 0.4
Public sector 12.3
Wholesale/retail 26.9
Education 1.3
Logistics/Transport 4.7
Hotel and catering business 4.8
Media /Publishing 2.3
Other services 13.2
Banking/Investment 10.2
Construction 1.5
Industry/manufacturing 5.9
Healthcare 3.9
Telecommunications 5.9
Others 0.2

Top 10 Tenants 2013

State of Finland
Kesko Group
Danske Bank Plc
City of Espoo
Metso Automation
Nordea Bank Finland Plc
City of Helsinki
Elisa Corporation