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Taking the industry forward

Sponda develops methods and practices in the real estate sector through active participation in collective industry projects and through its activities in different organisations. In addition to work in the organisations, the company aims to take the industry forward through its own development activities.

The key aspects of the priority are:

  • Active participation in development work in real estate and construction industry organisations
  • Sponda’s own research and development work
  • Sharing expertise and professional competencies

Why is this a priority?

Through organisational activities and its own research and development, Sponda develops its own operations and those of the real estate industry from the perspectives of environmental, social and economic responsibility. The company also aims to share expertise and increase the level of professional competence in the industry.

In Finland, buildings are responsible for around one third of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. For this reason, Sponda’s development work takes the energy efficiency of properties and controlling climate change into particular consideration.

As a responsible property company, Sponda also participates in the development of cities in co-operation with cities, other property owners and various partners. The vitality of the city environment is also an important factor for the appeal and rental demand of Sponda’s own properties.

Companies, organisations and authorities in the construction and real estate industry have an important role in protecting against the grey economy and commercial crime. Sponda promotes responsible ways of working in the industry also in co-operation with its partners. The company requires for example its subcontractors to operate in a responsible manner and has set quality requirements for them.

Sponda promotes best practices in the industry

In addition to its own development work, Sponda promotes best practices in the real estate industry by participating in projects and organisational activities with organisations and companies in the industry.

Sponda is involved for example with the following organisations:

  • WWF Finland, main partner in cooperation
  • Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC), founding member
  • Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC), member
  • RAKLI (the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), member
  • Elävä Kaupunkikeskusta (Living City Centre) ry, member
  • Finnish Business and Society ry (FiBS ry), member
  • Finnish Council of Shopping Centres, member
  • European Real Estate Association (EPRA), member
  • Helsinki City Markkinointi (Helsinki City Marketing) ry, member
  • Design District Helsinki, supporting member
  • European Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV), member

Developing the real estate industry

Sponda participates actively in the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI). The association is an opinion leader in the real estate and construction industry, which strives to actively develop the industry, promote networking of experts and communicate information about the economic situation.

RAKLI working groups aim among other things to prevent the grey economy and determine the actual tax base of properties, as the increase in energy tax also results in higher taxes for the real estate industry. RAKLI promotes healthy and safe construction by ensuring that, despite strict energy regulations and energy conservation measures, buildings remain healthy working and living environments.

The company is also an active member of the Finnish Council of Shopping Centres, which develops shopping centre activities and whose practical activities are overseen by RAKLI.

Sponda aims to reduce the environmental load caused by the real estate industry by cooperating with WWF Finland and by participating actively in the activities of Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC). The goal of Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC) is to promote practices for sustainable development in the real estate and construction industry along with environmental classification of properties, to communicate information and expertise and to activate discussion.

Participation in the development of cities

Sponda participates in the development of cities through several different organisations. The company is a member of Elävä Kaupunkikeskusta (Living City Centre) ry, whose goal is continuous development of city and municipal centres into more vital, comfortable and competitive environments.

Sponda is also involved in Helsinki City Markkinointi ry, a cooperative association of centrally located property owners, entrepreneurs and city authorities. The goal of the association is to increase the comfort and appeal of the city centre. The company also promotes the activation of the city centre as a supporting member of the Design District Helsinki city district association.

Sponda promotes responsibility in corporate activities as a member of FiBS ry (Finnish Business and Society). The company develops consistency and transparency in financial reporting for the real estate sector through its activities in EPRA, the umbrella organisation for listed European property investment companies.