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Responsibility as part of Sponda's strategy

Responsibility is an integral part of Sponda's day-to-day operations and business expertise, supporting the company's profitability and long-term viability.

Responsibility and strategy

Sponda's goals include increasing shareholder value, ensuring the sustainability of operations and continuously developing the company. Responsibility is an integral part of Sponda's strategy and day-to-day operations. Spondability communicates the holistic approach to responsibility.

Sponda's vision, which guides the implementation and development of its responsible operations, is to be the most reliable, profitable and responsible player in the real estate sector, implementing sustainable development. In fact, the company has highlighted the development of the customer experience and environmental responsibility as strategic focal points in its business development.

Increasing environmental requirements

The property sector plays a key role in mitigating climate change and improving energy efficiency. Sponda supports the efforts against climate change in its own operations by improving the energy efficiency of its properties and reducing their environmental impact. The United Nations Environmental Programme estimates that buildings make up as much as 40 per cent of global energy consumption, with the majority of that consumption happening during use. As efforts to reduce emissions are ramped up, Finnish and EU requirements on corporate environmental responsibility will become tighter.

Sponda believes that, in the future, client companies will increasingly focus on the life cycle environmental impact of their business premises. Sponda is preparing for these future challenges already today by investing in improving its environmental expertise and developing solutions that promote the well-being of the environment.

Environmental requirements are highlighted in Sponda's property development operations as well as property maintenance. In addition, Sponda supports its customers in more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable use of premises.

The well-being of the environment is included among the criteria the company applies in deciding on property investments. In accordance with its investment strategy, the focus of Sponda's property portfolio is on central urban locations with good public transport links.

Developing the customer experience

Sponda aims to achieve competitive advantage and identify the best ways of working from the customer's perspective through its Customer Experience Management (CEM) process. The company aims to be a trustworthy property partner that offers each customer premises that are precisely tailored to their needs and an effective customer relationship. In customer relationships, the goal is to achieve a long-term interactive partnerships.

Sponda actively monitors changes in how client companies work and what new requirements they have regarding their business premises in order to develop its own operations and services in accordance with the changing needs of its customer base.

Managing responsibility

Environmental responsibility and managing the customer experience are strategic priorities for Sponda and the company has set annual targets and defined key actions for them. The Executive Board and the Board of Directors regularly monitor the achievement of targets and implementation of actions. The major challenges in achieving the targets set for environmental responsibility are related to the reduction of environmental impacts during the use of buildings. Co-operation with customers in order to mimimize energy consumption is vital, as the company's properties are used by over 30,000 individuals.

Sponda encourages its employees to work towards the goals related to environmental responsibility and the customer experience by including them as factors in the incentive scheme that covers all personnel.

Sponda has highlighted the development of the customer experience and environmental responsibility as strategic focal points.

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