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Reliable work with stakeholders

Sponda has several stakeholder groups who all have different expectations of Sponda. The company strives to meet these expectations in accordance with its values and procedures. The aim is active and open dialogue, based on reliability and integrity.

The table below summarises Sponda’s key stakeholders, their expectations of Sponda and the measures Sponda takes to meet these expectations. For additional information on stakeholders, see the company website.

Stakeholder group
Expectations towards Sponda Sponda's actions
  • Permanent employment and stable income
  • Safe working conditions
  • Being informed of matters concerning the company
  • Opportunities for personal development at work
  • Equal and non-discriminatory treatment
  • Open communication
  • Good reputation
  • Offering good work opportunities
  • Good opportunities for training
  • Effective internal communications and an atmosphere of open dialogue
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety
  • Appraisal discussions and job satisfaction surveys
  • Equal and non-discriminatory treatment of employees
  • High-quality energy-efficient business  premises
  • Facility services
  • Good customer service
  • Taking environmental responsibility into consideration
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Offering practical, adaptable and energy-efficient business premises
  • Developing customer service channels and services
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers
  • Creating the conditions for long-term partnerships
  • Guiding customers towards operations that conserve energy and the environment
Investors and owners
  • Dividend yield
  • Risk management
  • Responsible and transparent operations
  • Increase in shareholder value
  • Reliable information on the company
  • Highly competent rental organisation
  • Competitive dividend policy
  • Reliable and transparent financial reporting
  • Identification of risks and reaction on them
  • Achieving financial targets
  • Effective management of financial risks
  • Maintaining a reputation as a responsible debtor
  • Equal treatment of subcontractors
  • Adherence to agreements
  • Long-term subcontractor relationships
  • Effective purchasing and quality processes
  • Monitoring and steering the work and quality of subcontractors
  • Active, open and responsive communications
  • Reliable information on the company
  • Timely, reliable and open communications
  • Developing and expanding communications channels
Society and
the authorities
  • Compliance with legislation and other regulations issued by the authorities
  • Responsible and transparent operations
  • Paying taxes
  • Monitoring legislative developments and introducing the company’s perspective to the discussion
  • Participation in the development of cities
  • Improving the energy efficiency of business premises
  • Providing jobs
  • Participation in the activities of industry organisations
  • Dialogue
  • Active involvement in various organisations
  • Developing the industry in partnership with industry organisations
Other stakeholders, such as educational institutions and various research and development organisations
  • Providing opportunities for internships and thesis writing
  • Participation in the industry’s research and development activities


  • Providing study opportunities to students in the field of real estate
  • Joint projects with educational institutions in the field of real estate